Origin of the celiac and cranial mesenteric arteries by common trunk in a dog

This report describes a single origin of the celiac and cranial mesenteric arteries through a common trunk in an adult, mongrel male dog (Canis familiares). This vascular alteration is not previosly known in the canine species. The abnormality is called celiac mesenteric trunk and was first described in some species of domestic animals, such as cats, sheep, goats, cows and also in humans. The alteration was analised, measured and described in this report. The knowledge of the presence of the celiac mesenteric trunk in dogs will contribute to a better understanding of the anatomical alterations that can occur in the vascularization of the abdominal region in dogs. The report is also important for angiographic and surgical procedures that involve this region.

dog; vascular alteration; celiac mesenteric trunk

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