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Carcass characteristics and live weight components of calves receiving different liquid diets

This research evaluated the influence of different liquid diets on carcass yield, and components of retail cuts weight of crossbred calves slaughtered at 60 days of age. It was used 24 crossbred calves distributed in a completely randomized design with four treatments and six replications: whole milk, 50% whole milk + 50% of cheese whey, 50% whole milk + 50% cheese whey supplemented with a whole egg; whole milk and 50% + 50% of cheese whey supplemented with a egg added with biotin. It was evaluated intake, weight gain and slaughter weight. After slaughter at 60 days, it was collected all data related to carcass characteristics, commercial cut yields and components of body weight. The data were analyzed using ANOVA and Tukey mean comparison (P<0.05). The substitution of milk by cheese whey in nature can be adopted as a way to reduce the cost of production in lactating since such a substitution will not adversely interfere with the development of animals.

biotin; cheese whey; rib eye area; weight gain; whole egg

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