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Clostridium perfringens search in water and ration used in the raising of broiler in sheds of São Paulo State: Brazil

Rubén Pablo Schocken-Iturrino Juliano Vittori Mariana Casteleti Beraldo-Massoli Tammy Priscilla Chioda Delphino Priscila Regina Damasceno About the authors

Through conventional bacteriological methods, the contamination by Clostridium perfringens was evaluated in the ration and water used in the feeding of poultry chickens from different region of the interior from São Paulo. C. perfringens was present in 42 and 30% of the ration samples and waters analyzed respectively. The averages of the countings were 6.7 x 10-2CFU mL for the samples of water and 3.69 x 10-2CFU g for rations. The high frequencies and countings of C. perfringens verified in the rations and in the waters may be associated to the lack of general hygiene in the manipulation and storage of the same ones. These suggests a periodic monitoration of the presence of C. perfringens in these sources, with the purpose of avoiding such pathogen, in view that this organism can provoke an outbreak of necrotic enteritis, and cause great damages in the poultry production.

aviculture; contamination; food; microbiology; quality; Clostridium perfringens

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