Honey and brown sugar in wounds healing

Ivan Felismino Charas dos Santos Sara Luisa Sousa Grosso Otilia Bata Bambo André Paulo Nhambirre José Manuel Mota Cardoso Elizabeth Moreira dos Santos Schmidt Renata Bezerra Marujo About the authors

The study aimed to compare the effectiveness of honey and brown sugar in wounds healing induced in the skin of guinea pigs, to evaluate the healing time, microscopic and macroscopic healing variations, wound contraction and contamination degree. Fifteen guinea pigs, Abyssinia breed, males, six months of age and weighing between 500 to 850 grams, were divided in three groups with five animals each. Three wounds were promoted in each animal, surgical, with 1.5cm² and 1.5cm between them, in the dorsal region. The F1 was treated, daily, with honey, F2 with saline solution 0,9% (control) and F3 with brown sugar. Euthanasia was performed in Group 1 on the seventh day after the surgery, Group 2 on the fourteenth day and the Group 3 on the twenty-first day after the surgery and the biopsies sent to histopathological evaluation. Wounds swabs were made in all groups on the third and seventh days after the surgery and the samples sent for culture and bacterial isolation. The wounds treated with honey healed faster than treated with brown sugar.

healing progression; honey; brown sugar; cutaneous lesions; skin

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