Substitution of animal by-product meals by vegetable ingredients in diets for broilers

The demand of some importers due to cultural reasons or to zoonosis that recently emerged in Europe, there has been a trend to manufacture vegetable feeds based on corn and soybean meal (SBM). This influences live production, and therefore, this study aimed at evaluating the response of broilers fed diets containing either meat and bone meal (MBM) and offal meal (OM), or vegetable diets based on corn and SBM. Diets were calculated to supply 3050 and 3150 kcal ME/kg for the starter and grower phase, respectively, as well as to supply the requirements for all the other nutrients. The following treatments were tested: 1. Diet with inclusion of 4% swine MBM and 3% OM, calculated on Ideal Protein basis, containing 22% and 20% CP in the starter and grower phase, respectively; 2. Diet similar to 1, with no inclusion of animal meals, based on corn and SBM (similar CP and Digestible Lysine as to diet 1); 3. Diet similar to 2, but with 23% and 21% CP (Digestible Lysine similar to diet 1); Diet similar to 2, but with 24% and 22% CP (Digestible Lysine 6% and 5% higher than in diet 1). Dry matter content of the litter of birds fed exclusively vegetable ingredients and higher protein levels significantly deceased (P<0.0002), and it was higher in females as compared to males (P<0.0003). The performance of birds fed vegetable diets was better than of those fed diets containing animal protein. However, the cost of exclusively vegetable diets is higher. Diet 4, a vegetable diet with higher amino acid levels, promoted the best performance (P<0,0002), but there was no response to the increase of only CP. There was no difference in carcass cuts due to protein sources (P>0.05), but the feet weight was higher (P<0.01) in birds with lower dry matter content in the litter

animal by-products; ideal protein; vegetable diets; digestible amino acids; poultry litter; carcass

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