Organic matter quality and phosphorus distribution in soils under organic Conilon coffee

The organic management in coffee uses insoluble phosphorus sources and a large quantity and variety of organic material. Thus, the objective of this research was to evaluate organic matter composition and phosphorus distribution on soils from Coffea canephora cv. 'Conilon' crops, under different organic management production systems. Soil under the coffee tree canopy was collected from 0 to 20cm depth. Chemical and soil texture characteristics were determined by routine analysis as well as phosphorus and organic matter constitution. On the average crops organic phosphorus was the main part of the labile phosphorus and carbon humine. There was a higher content of inorganic phosphorus on soils from the crops with the highest concentrations of total and labile phosphorus. The total content of Pi + Po in the evaluated soils showed high and variation from 426.9 to 910.4mg dm-3 of soil. The humin fraction formed the bulk of organic matter. The fractions that make up the phosphorus distribution in the soil showed discrepanncies between the organic management production systems.

Coffea canephora; organic agriculture; humic substances; phosphorus

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