Carcass yield and meat quality of meat quails fed with diets with different levels of protein and essential amino acids supplementation

Sandra Regina Freitas Pinheiro Mariana Almeida Dumont Aldrin Vieira Pires Cleube Andrade Boari Jéssica Amaral Miranda Renata Gomes de Oliveira Cátia Borges Ferreira About the authors

The objective was to evaluate different levels of crude protein and essential amino acid supplementation on carcass yield and meat quality of breast meat quails from 28 to 42 days old. The experimental design was in a completely randomized with five treatments (19, 21, 23, 25, 27% CP), five replicates and 12 birds (six females and six males) each. At 42 days of age four birds from each treatment were slaughtered and evaluated for hot carcass yield (HCY) and cooled (CCY), breast (BY), thigh and drumstick (TDY), hydrogen potential (HP), water holding capacity (WHC), weight loss by cooking (WLC), color and luminosity and objective tenderness (OT) muscle. It was observed effect of CP levels on all variables except for WHC and luminosity of the breast meat. Thus, it is concluded that 19% CP and essential amino acids supplementation in the diet of meat quails is satisfactory to the carcass, breast, and meat quality.

amino acids; breast meat; Coturnix coturnix coturnix.

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