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Performance of native pasture and pasture sodseeded with winter species with or without glyphosate

Luciana Melo Rizo Eduardo Londero Moojen Fernando Luiz Ferreira de Quadros Francisco Leal Côrrea José Acélio Fontoura Júnior About the authors

The experiment was developed in Bagé-RS, Brazil, to evaluate the dry matter production (DM), stocking rate (kg LW ha-1), live weight gain per animal (ADG, kg head-1 day-1) and gain per area (GPA, kg LW ha-1) in: T1-native pasture (control); T2-native pasture sodseeded with Italian ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum), white clover (Trifolium repens) and birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus); T3-similar to anterior, plus glyphosate spraying; T4-similar to anterior, but with double fertilization. It were utilized Braford steers. The grazing method was the continuous stocking, with stocking adjustments to maintain a level of forage on offer of 10% (10kg of DM 100kg LW-1 day-1). To determine the DM of pasture, it was utilized the double sample method with a disc meter and the cage method for the pasture accumulation rate. The experimental design was a complete randomized blocks, with two blocks and four treatments. The introduction of cool season species in native pasture, with or without glyphosate spraying, contributes to increase native pasture productivity. Over-seeding cool season species allowed a higher stocking rate and animal production per animal and per area as compared to natural pasture.

average daily gain; gain per area; native pasture; sodseeding; herbicide

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