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Internal immobilization of the lumbar canine spine using polyvinylchloride plates - part I: clinical and surgical results

The efficiency ofpolyvinylchioride (PVC) orthopedic plates, fixed by screws to the vertebral bodies and by cerciage wires to the spinous processes, were tested in twenty dogs with the lumbar spine destabilized at L2-L3. The plates were produced manually and individuatly for each animal and sterilized by heat. The plates exhibited suitable malleabitity but inappropriate strength because 40% ofthose affixed to the vertebral bodies were bmken. Nevertheless, during the 45 days ofthe study, the technique was consideredefective based on stability, clinicai, neurological, laboratory and radiological results. This effïciency was achieved by the technique used m the spinous processes, where the plates were fixed by wires passing between (not through) them.

spinal diseases; surgery ofdogs; fracture fixation; dog diseases; Polyvinylchioride; PVC

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