Urinary obstruction secondary to an aneurysmal bone cyst in a penile bone of a dog

Tatiana Ojeda Verão Alda Izabel de Souza Fabiana Mitie Matsubara Bergamo Antonio Marcelo Quintas Martins Janecler Quieregati de Almeida Oliveira About the authors

It is reported the case of a dog with strangury, increased bladder volume and presence of a painless mass in the region of penis bone. The failure of urethral probing allowed the diagnosis of urinary obstruction. A regular contour mass, moving and obstructing the urethra, was observed in the radiographic examination. After surgical removal, the tissue was submitted to histopathologic analysis, which confirmed the diagnosis of aneurismal cyst of the penis - yet unreported disease in dogs.

strangury; urethra; canine

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