Light exercise causes adaptive changes in muscles of young Brasileiro de Hipismo horses

Atividade física leve causa mudanças adaptativas musculares em eqüinos jovens da raça Brasileiro de Hipismo

Flora Helena de Freitas D'Angelis Marco Augusto Giannoccaro da Silva Carla Braga Martins Guilherme de Camargo Ferraz João Ademir de Oliveira Isabel Cristina Boleli José Corrêa de Lacerda-Neto Antonio de Queiroz-Neto About the authors

This study aimed to determine the changes in the Gluteus medius of 4 year-old Brasileiro de Hipismo (BH) horses submitted to light physical activity for 10 months. The study involved 11 horses from the "Nove de Julho" Battalion of the Military Police of São Paulo State (PM-SP). Percutaneous muscle biopsy was performed in horses at maintenance and in those that had participated in routine police work for 10 months with the PM-SP. Fragments of the left Gluteus medius muscle was removed at depths of 20mm and 60mm. To determine the fiber types, the histochemical analyses were performed for myofibrillar adenosine triphosphatase (mATPase) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide tetrazolium reductase (NADH-TR). The morphometry of the fibers was performed by calculating the cross sectional area (CSA), relative frequency distribution (F) and relative cross-sectional area (RCSA). After the period of physical activity, type IIA fibers showed an increase in F and RCSA at both depths. The type I fibers showed a decrease in F at a depth of 60mm and the type IIX fibers showed no change in F at the two depths. With regard to the results for RCSA, type I and IIX fibers also did not show alterations after 10 months of light physical activity. Low intensity physical activity produced significant adaptations in the Gluteus medius muscle of horses of the BH breed, including changes in metabolic and contractile properties as evidenced by the increase in the area occupied by type IIA fibers at both depths of the biopsy.

Brasileiro de Hipismo breed; horse; histochemistry; Gluteus medius muscle; low intensity exercise

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