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Alternative substrates to xaxim and fertilization on orchids plantlets acclimatization phase

Aparecida Gomes de Araujo Moacir Pasqual Leonardo Ferreira Dutra Janice Guedes de Carvalho Gustavo de Araújo Soares About the authors

This paper was aimed at studing different substrates and fertilization for the development of C. loddgesii 'Alba' x C. loddgesii 'Atibaia' orchid species. Seedlings from in vitro culture were transplanted to plastic trays containing xaxim powder. After 6-months of acclimatization inside a greenhouse, plantles measuring beetwen 3.0 to 5.0cm length were transferred to 24 cell trays with a volume of 150cm³. Four substrates were tested (broken stone number 0, carbonized rice hulls, defibered xaxim and piassava fiber with tree different fertilizations (Biofert Plus®, Dyna Grow® and a specific formulation developed for this work). Pure water was tested as control. After 12-months of growth the best treatments for the acclimatization of in vitro produced C. loddgesii 'Alba' x C. loddgesii 'Atibaia' orchid plantlets were carbonized rice hulls or piassava fiber substrates combined with leaf fertilizer Biofert Plus®.

C. loddgesii 'Alba' x C. loddgesii 'Atibaia'; substrates; fertilization

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