Adubarroz: a brazilian experience for fertilization and liming recommendation of irrigated rice via computational system

Adubarroz: uma experiência brasileira em recomendações de adubação e calagem para o arroz irrigado via sistema computacional

Felipe de Campos Carmona Ibanor Anghinoni Amanda Posselt Martins Madalena Boeni About the authors


Recommendations for fertilizing irrigated rice in southern Brazil have been constantly evolving over years. In this process, the influence of factors such as the development cycle of varieties and sowing period increased. Thus, computational tools that take these and others important aspects into account can potentiate the fertilization response of rice. This study describes the computer program "ADUBARROZ". The software provides recommendations of fertilizer rates and liming requirements of irrigated rice, based on information entered by the user. The system takes various factors that regulate the crop response to fertilization into account. A final report is established with the graphical representation of input management over time.

Key words:
software; fertilizer; Oryza sativa; lime; crop yield

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