Germination and vigor of the Bauhinia divaricata L. seeds

The Bauhinia divaricata is an arboreal species with high ornamental and economical value and distributed throughout Brazil. It is propagated by seeds, from which germination needs more investigation. So, this study was carried out at the Seed Analysis Laboratory pertaining to CCA-UFPB - Areia, in BOD-type chambers with 8h photoperiod in order to determine the most adequate substratum and temperature for evaluating the germination and vigor of the Bauhinia divaricata seeds. The entirely randomized experimental design in the factorial scheme 3 x 5 was used. The factors were constituted by constant temperatures of 25 and 30°C and alternate 20-30°C, as well as substrata between paper, on paper, paper roll, among sand and among vermiculite, in four replicates of 25 seeds. The following variables were analyzed: percent germination, first counting, germination index and dry matter of the plantlets. The 25°C temperature and the substrata between paper, on paper and paper roll showed to be adequate to the test for germination and vigor of the Bauhinia divaricata seeds. The lowest germination percentages and the seed vigor levels occurred in the sand substratum at three temperatures (20-30, 25 and 30°C).

cow paw; forest seeds; medicinal plant

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