En bloc thoracotomy in dogs premedicated with acetylpromazine and anesthetized with thiopental sodium: effects on blood gases and acid-base-balance

Blood gas analysis were measured in dogs submitted to en bloc thoracotomy. Preanesthetic medication consisted of acepromazine maleate injected intravenously. The animal was anesthetized with thiopental sodium intravenously, and the surgical field prepared. The trachea was intubated and mechanical ventilator was used. A radical thoracotomy was performed. Arterial samples of blood were collected from the femoral artery. Arterial blood pH value, carbon dioxide pressure (PCO2), PO2 level, base excess and standard bicarbonato level (HCO3-) were determined. Local anesthesia of intercostal nerves of the thorax, dose to the thoracotomy, were also performed on dogs in group II at end of surgery (T1) and 24 hours (T2) after the surgery. The dog recovered satisfactonly and in the following 7 days had no observable discomfort. It is anticipated that the results of this study will be useful to those using the en bloc thoracotomy, which provided excellent exposure ot the thoracic viscera with no postoperative complications.

canine surgery; thoracotomy; blood gas; acid-base-balance

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