Storage of soybean seed treated with fungicide, insecticide and micronutrient and coated with liquid and powered polymer

The objective of this research was to evaluate the quality of soybean seeds treated and coated with fungicide, insecticide, micronutrients and polymers, during six months of storage. Soybean seeds cultivar 'CD 209' were submitted to the following treatments: control, fungicide Fludioxonil + Metalaxyl - M (Maxim XL® - 100mL 100kg-1 seeds), insecticide Thiametoxan (Cruiser 350 FS® - 200mL 100kg-1 seeds), micronutrient ComoFix® (165mL 100kg-1 seeds - 24,75mL Mo and 2,475mL Co) and the mixture fungicide + insecticide + micronutrient. The same treatments were repeated using the liquid polymer Sepiret 9241 B Green (400mL100kg-1 seed) and also powder polymer Sepiret Flo Branco (0,5kg 100kg-1 seeds) + colorant Corasem blue (50mL100kg-1 seeds). Seed quality was evaluated during 180 days on storage by the germination test and vigor tests (first count germination, accelerated aging, seedling, hypocotyl and root length). Soybean seed coating with polymers and protecting products protect the seeds during the storage while powder polymer reduces soybean's seeds germination and there is interaction between polymer's and products over seed performance after storage.

Glycine max; germination; physiologic quality; film coating

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