Laparoscopic removal of a Steinmann pin from the peritoneal cavity in a dog

Ísis dos Santos Dal-Bó Rafael Stedile Márcio Poletto Ferreira Fernanda Silveira Nóbrega Marcelo Meller Alievi Luciana Machado da Silva Elisa Barp Neuwald Simone Tostes Oliveira Carlos Afonso de Castro Beck About the authors

An intra-abdominal Steinmann pin was detected during a radiographic assessment of the 60th post- operative day of a vertebral stabilization in a dog. Laparoscopic inspection and retrieval of the foreign body were performed. The implant was surrounded by omentum with no noticeable signs of infection. The procedure was performed within 15 minutes with minimal trauma. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report of this kind of implant migration to the peritoneal cavity followed by laparoscopic removal in dogs.

intra-abdominal foreign body; laparoscopy; minimally invasive surgery

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