Photogrammetry and 3D prototyping: A low-cost resource for training in veterinary orthopedics

Fotogrametria e prototipagem 3D: Um recurso low-cost para treinamento em ortopedia veterinária

Luiz Felipe Souza de Lima Anna Júlia Brandão Paes de Barros Andresa de Cássia Martini Matias Bassinello Stocco Antonio Henrique Kuczmarski Roberto Lopes de Souza About the authors


Rapid prototyping (RP) is an innovative technology that allows one to obtain a prototype of a mold quickly and accurately from a virtual model. This study aimed to establish the use of photogrammetry and 3D prototyping for the production of bone biomodels of the canine species for training in orthopedic techniques in veterinary medicine. Virtual bio-modelling was performed by the photogrammetry technique with commercial anatomical pieces, and physical biomodelling was performed by 3D printing. Osteotomies were performed on the biomodels that served as platforms for osteosynthesis of the femur and ileum, and the final product was not associated with a risk of biological contamination, was able to support special orthopedic materials, and was used for training and surgical planning. We concluded that the use of photogrammetry and RP for the production of bone biomodels of the canine species enabled techniques for fracture reduction to be performed with the use of special instruments, enabling training in the area of veterinary orthopedics in an economically viable manner with an alternative ­to experimental animals.

Key words:
physical biomodelling; virtual biomodelling; 3D printing

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