Protective, curative and eradicative activities of fungicides against grapevine rust

Atividade protetora, curativa e erradicante de fungicidas no controle de ferrugem da videira

Francislene Angelotti Claudia Regina Scapin Buffara Dauri José Tessamnn Rafael Augusto Vieira João Batista Vida About the authors

The protective, eradicative and curative activities of the fungicides azoxystrobin, tebuconazole, pyraclostrobin+metiram, and ciproconazole against grapevine rust, were determined in greenhouse. To evaluate the protective activity, leaves of potted ´Niagara´ (Vitis labrusca) vines were artificially inoculated with an urediniospore suspension of Phakopsora euvitis four, eight or forteen days after fungicidal spray; and to evaluate the curative and eradicative activities, leaves were sprayed with fungicides two, four or eight days after inoculation. Disease severity was assessed 14 days after each inoculation. All tested fungicides present excellent preventive activity against grapevine rust; however, tebuconazole and ciproconazole provide better curative activity than azoxystrobin and pyraclostrobin+metiram. It was observed also that all tested fungicides significantly reduced the germination of urediniospore produced on sprayed leaves.

chemical control; Phakopsora euvitis; Vitis sp

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