Health's integrality: guiding changes in the graduation of the new professionals

Alberto Durán González Marcio José de Almeida About the authors

The strong changes happened in the health sector with the creation of the Brazilian Unified Health System had forced a reflexion about the formation of the new health professionals. However, the substitution of the dominant health care system, centered in the illness, hospital and super specialized assistance, by attention's models that value the integrality, the humanized care and the health's promotion, was not yet conquered and depends, in great measured, on the formation's profile and the practice of the health professionals. It is in the distance between the new professional's formation and the user's necessities of the system that is the great obstacle of the relation of health services and health education. This essay tries to formulate an understanding about the necessity of a more integral formation for a more integral service. It aims to give subsidize to affirm that the integrality of the health actions must be preceded by the integrality of the thought and health education.

Human Resources Formation; Teaching and integrality

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