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School-service integration in the training of nurses and doctors: the experience of FAMEMA

The scope of this study is to identify contributions and limits of teaching-service integration between the School of Medicine of Marília and the Municipal Health Department of Marília for academia, for the health teams and for the community. The study involved cross-sectional research using a quantitative approach. A questionnaire with 20 affirmations structured around a Likert scale was applied to students, professors and collaborating professors with a total of 183 participants. A trend for a positive evaluation of teaching-service integration for professional education was revealed. As regards contributions of teaching-service integration to the community, the positive evaluation was close to 50%. The items referring to contributions to the health teams were the ones that had the highest number of negative responses. Data indicate that it is necessary to move forward such that teaching and service are considered interdependent processes with possibilities of joint reflections.

Teaching-care integration services; Education; Health services for students; Human resource training

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