Coordinated care for tuberculosis: data registration and implementation of a computerized system

Nathalia Halax Orfão Nathalia Yukie Crepaldi Maria Eugênia Firmino Brunello Rubia Laine de Paula Andrade Aline Aparecida Monroe Antonio Ruffino-Netto Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa About the authors



to analyze sources of data for tuberculosis (TB) before and after the implementation of the Computerized System to Record Care for TB in Ribeirão Preto - SP.


Intervention, descriptive-analytical epidemiological study. Data was collected from secondary sources using a structured form, and analyzed using Chi-squared or Fisher’s Exact Test, with a significance level of 5%.


We found an association between the period before implementation of the system and placing the Directly Observed Treatment Card in the file, and registration of instructions for the return visit by the nursing team. The latter was associated with an increase in registered data regarding TB patient telephone number, address, end of treatment date, status at closing, sputum smear results for monthly control, HIV test, monthly checkups, tests ordered by physician, social worker visits, patient living conditions, contact control, social incentives and the use of drugs and alcohol.


Implementing the system improved the registration of a number of variables, despite the fact that other sources of data other than the system continue to exist.

Health information systems; Assessment of tuberculosis healthcare systems

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