Factors associated with the consumption of high-fat foods among adults in a Southern Brazilian city

Airton José Rombaldi Marcelo Cozzensa da Silva Marilda Borges Neutzling Mario Renato Azevedo Pedro Curi Hallal About the authors

The scope of this study was to describe the frequency of consumption of high-fat foods among adults aged 20 to 69 years and to identify associated factors. A population-based cross-sectional study was conducted with 972 adults in Pelotas, Southern Brazil. The consumption of high-fat foods in the previous twelve months was evaluated using the Block questionnaire comprising fifteen food items scored according to the frequency of consumption of high-fat foods. Approximately one in every three adults (32.7%) reported the regular consumption of high-fat diets. Among individuals of both sexes, the regular consumption of fat was associated with younger ages and the regular intake of non-diet soft drinks, and only for men, to the A/B economic levels. The conclusion reached is that the consumption of high-fat food among adults is above current Ministry of Health recommendations. Interventions aimed at stimulating healthy diets are urgently needed.

Adults; Food consumption; Diet surveys; Fat

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