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Assistance for the adolescent victim of violence: participation of local health managers

Mariluce Karla Bomfim de Souza Judith Sena da Silva Santana About the authors

This qualitative study aimed at analyzing the participation of the local health managers in the assistance provided to the adolescent victim of violence in the city of Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil. Specific objectives of this study were: to identify how the local health managers perceive violence and its repercussions in adolescence; to identify the public healthcare policies directed to the adolescent implanted by the health system of Itabuna-BA, focusing on violence and on the actions developed by the local health managers toward an effective implantation of these policies. The data collected from interviews and documents were analyzed using the technique of content analysis. Analytical categories: Violence as any form of physical, moral, psychical or social aggression, omission and disrespect to the human rights; Violence has psychological repercussions in adolescence, causes pain and suffering, compromises the life and the future and generates violence; Assistance for the adolescent victim of violence: limitations and advances of a policy in construction. The results show that the managers have put forth efforts for the effective implementation of the Adolescent Health Program, with the intention to include violence as a focal issue of their actions.

Violence; Adolescent

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