Perceptions of dentistry teachers in the teaching and learning process

The didactic-pedagogical training of the university professor and of the quality of higher education must be revised due to the demands of the dynamic society and to the implementation of national curricular guidelines. Within this context, it was analyzed the perceptions of dentistry undergraduate of Universidade Estadual de Londrina teachers about the role of the teacher in the teaching and learning process. A qualitative research was carried out and data were collected through semi-structured interviews. Results showed that the teacher plays an essential role in the teaching and learning process, being the sole provider of knowledge. Teaching and learning strategies are based on oral transmission. Most part of the teachers got their didactic-pedagogical education from postgraduate Courses (Master's and/or PhD), that do not qualify teachers adequately for their teaching career. The teachers are not formally prepared for their teaching careers. In conclusion, findings from this study must be revised both regarding the training and the didactic-pedagogical upgrading in search of a general, humanist, critical and reflexive formation of the student.

Health education; Faculty of dentistry; Higher education; Curriculum; Didactic-pedagogical training

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