Evaluation of Management for Health Planning in municipalities in the State of Santa Catarina

This article presents the results of the evaluation of management for health planning in municipalities in the Southern Brazilian State of Santa Catarina. An evaluation model developed and validated from the theoretical framework for health planning was applied. It was complemented by guidelines for organization and operation of PlanejaSUS (national survey of 2007) and definitions of municipal responsibilities defined in the Management Pact. The evaluation matrix has two dimensions: the guarantee of resources and the guarantee of internal and external relations, with six sub-dimensions and twelve indicators. Data were collected via an electronic form developed by FormSUS, forwarded to and answered by 100% of the municipalities of Santa Catarina. The "good performance" classification was awarded in 113 municipalities in the overall evaluation, 96 in the dimension of guarantee of resources, and 43 in the dimension of guarantee of relations. The percentage classified as "poor" was high for some indicators, especially human resources and interaction with the population. The results suggest the need to reinforce actions linked to the dimension of guarantee of relations.

Health evaluation; Health management; Health planning

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