Ayurveda diet and the nursing consultation: a care proposal

Patrícia De Gasperi Vera Raduns Ângela Rosa Ghiorzi About the authors

The present text is based on the final paper on a subject from the graduate program of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. In this paper, I propose the implementation of nursing consultations providing ayurvedic dietary advice as part of the services offered in Primary Care Units for assisting patients with diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure. For a better understanding, I bring a brief revision on both ayurveda medicine and diet, emphasizing the importance of balance and harmony of the doshas for maintaining or reaching a good quality of living. I believe that through the ayurveda diet we nurses can contribute to the health of our patients offering something we all need, a correct diet according to our nutritional biotype. Another positive result that can be anticipated from practicing this philosophical and methodological proposal lies in the relationship we establish with other persons, in knowing the characteristics of their doshas, because it is this knowledge that enables us to aid people in their conquests and defeats.

Nursing; Care; Ayurvedic diet

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