Health and household surveys in Brazil and England: The National Health Survey and the Health Survey for England

César Marques Igor Cavallini Johansen About the authors


This paper aims to analyze the characteristics of national health surveys conducted in Brazil and England by their respective Statistics institutes. For Brazil, the National Health Survey (PNS) was considered, and the Health Survey for England (HSE) for England. To this end, we show a preliminary overview of the different population profiles of the two countries. Then, a brief historical background is presented, including the common themes that are addressed in the PNS and HSE that favor comparative analyses. Finally, we compared, for example, the inequalities in access to and use of Brazilian and English health services. The results show several possibilities for comparative analysis on topics such as health perception, tobacco use, alcohol consumption, diabetes, and hypertension. However, the need to consider the specificities of the population profile of each country and the methodological characteristics of the surveys is emphasized.

Key words:
Public health; Health surveys; Comparative study; Brazil; England

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