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Scientific and technological knowledge as evidence for policies and regulatory activities in health

In the last decades, significant changes in the occidental model of State have been observed. There is a clear trend towards reduction in the State direct role on social and economic activities. At the same time, an increasing participation in policy-making and regulation affairs is observed. In this context, there is a growing concern that scientific knowledge is necessary to subsidize the so complex State decision-making process in the large range of health-related matters. It is expected more effective decisions with great benefices to the population health and less social or economic costs. As consequence, it is increasing the participation of the State as consumer of the results of the scientific activities. The idea of an evidence-based policy-making has been used by the modern States, and in special in the health field this topic is receiving great attention. This paper aimed to discuss general aspects of the relationship between the decision making process in health, with emphasis in those related with regulatory affairs. After an overview of the literature on the topic, it discusses the relevance of this to the Brazilian SUS context.

Scientific knowledge; Regulatory; Evidence-based policy; Health

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