Knowledge of modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease among women and the associated factors: a population-based study

Gabriel Missaggia Bonotto Raul Andres Mendoza-Sassi Lulie Rosane Odeh Susin About the authors


The scope of this study was to evaluate the knowledge of modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and its distribution in terms of demographic, socioeconomic, behavioral and biological factors among women living in the State of Rio Grande. It was a cross-sectional population-based study, with the inclusion of women aged 18 years and over. Descriptive, bivariate and multivariable Poisson Regression analysis were performed. The outcome was defined as knowing three or more of the seven risk factors studied (75th percentile). Of the 1,593 respondents, 33% knew three or more factors. The outcome was independently associated with increased likelihood of knowledge among subjects in the 25–44 years old age group, non-white skin color, complete secondary education, higher income and having cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, sedentary women were less likely to have such knowledge. These findings indicate the need for educational activities for enhancing comprehension and knowledge of the factors associated with cardiovascular disease among women, particularly among the poorest and less educated.

Key words
Knowledge; Health attitudes and practices; Risk factors; Cardiovascular diseases; Women

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