Adolescent mental health promotion in Latin American countries: an integrative literature review

Thaís Thaler Souza Ana Carolina de Almeida Amanda Dourado Souza Akahosi Fernandes Maria Fernanda Barboza Cid About the authors


Health Promotion (HP) has recently been strengthened within public policies and still shows strong consonance with international determinations regarding childhood and adolescence in Latin America (LA). Debating HP becomes all the more urgent considering the increasing prevalence of psychological distress in this age group and the historical political construction of Latin American countries. This research aimed to identify and analyze, through an integrative review of the literature, the academic productions on strategies for mental HP of adolescents in LA and, thus, to visualize the actions and arouse reflections dialoguing with the Southern critics, represented by the Bogotá declaration. Six studies were selected after applying the inclusion and exclusion criteria. We identified that the main space where actions are developed is the school. The potential measures identified were professional training, group action, and strengthening primary and territorial care. We discussed that the historically structured socioeconomic reality of LA reflects an organization of HP actions. Furthermore, the visualization of strategies that enhance at low cost the improved mental health of adolescents can contribute to the current reflection.

Key words:
Health Promotion; Adolescents; Latin America

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