"Dual causation accident": a third type of work-related accident and its importance for occupational health surveillance

"Acidente de dupla espécie": uma terceira espécie de acidente do trabalho e sua importância para a vigilância em saúde do trabalhador

Lenz Alberto Alves Cabral Zaida Aurora Sperli Geraldes Soler José Carlos Lopes About the authors

The scope of this study is to contribute to the improvement of Occupational Health Surveillance in the Unified Health System (UHS), through the recognition and inclusion of a third type of work-related accident in the current Brazilian legislation classification: the dual causation accident. This classification aims at facilitating the establishment of a causal connection, thus broadening the understanding of the relationship between work process and the production of diseases. It also aims at improving legal rules to protect the health of workers. This approach, besides enabling the identification of sentinel events (starting point of surveillance activities), might contribute not only to a decrease in underreporting of work-related accidents, but also to the uniformity of concepts and the implementation of integrated actions of the National Social Security Institute (NISS), the UHS, the Ministry of Labor (MLE) and the Judiciary for the protection of workers. To propose a third type of occupational accident, a study of occupational accidents and causes of underreporting was conducted, with reference to the Brazilian labor legislation in the context of the National Policy on Occupational Health and the UHS.

Work-related accidents; Occupational diseases; Labor legislation; Occupational health surveillance

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