Is violence man’s thing? The “naturalization” of the violence for young men

Elaine Ferreira do Nascimento Romeu Gomes Lúcia Emília Figueiredo de Souza Rebello About the authors

The study aims to analyze the young men’s senses attributed to the relation masculinity-violence. The methodology of this study was based on a qualitative approach, trying to understand and situate the underlying senses to the speeches of the investigated subjects, involving 19 young men of popular segments of the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). The results revealed that, in general, the relation masculinity-violence-youth might be a vulnerability factor. It is ended that to have another glance on that model, it is necessary the adoption of strategies that facilitate other ways to experience to be man, that invest in a perspective of taking care of itself and other, turning the relationships healthier and with less risks.

Masculinity; Violence; Youth

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