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Assessment of educational actions on the oral health of adolescents within the Family Health Strategy

Ana Paula Silveira Turrioni Fernanda Gonçalves Duvra Salomão José Fernando Casquel Monti Fabiana de Lima Vazquez Karine Laura Cortellazzi Antonio Carlos Pereira About the authors

OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the actions of education on the oral health of adolescents within the scope of the Family Health Strategy. METHODOLOGY: A questionnaire was applied and a clinical exam conducted evaluating biofilm and gingival inflammation in 80 adolescents before and after interventions. A qualitative study of the brushing technique was also performed on 15 adolescents in the sample. RESULTS: there was an improvement in oral hygiene of adolescents who participated in actions at school and an increase in the number of adolescents who had healthy gums or only mild inflammation in the second test in school groups and home visits. With respect to the consumption of candies, both the weekly group and the school group saw a decrease in candy consumption between the first and second tests. There was an increased frequency of brushing in the school group. CONCLUSION: considering the importance of educational activities observed in this study, the process of training and joint planning of activities among the school staff and health professionals would appear to be important.

Health education; Oral health; Adolescents

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