Ilza Veith (1912-2013) and Genevieve Miller (1914-2013): long lives dedicated to the history of medicine

Everardo Duarte Nunes About the author


This article analyzes bibliographic aspects of two historians of medicine: Ilza Veith (1912-2013) and Genevieve Miller (1914-2013). Both women trained at the Institute of History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University and both had the historian Henry Ernest Sigerist (1891-1957) as their intellectual mentor. Both women were the authors of original works, Ilza in the field of oriental medicine and Genevieve in the field of the history of science, and throughout their careers they made important contributions to research, teaching and the dissemination of the history of medicine, which was marked by their pioneering activities.

Key words
Ilza Veith; Genevieve Miller; Historians; History of medicine

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