Pharmaceutical Assistance in Mental Health: a diagnosis of Psychosocial Care Centers

Sarah Nascimento Silva Marina Guimarães Lima About the authors


The study evaluated the conditions of Pharmaceutical Assistance (PA) in Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) through a cross-sectional study in 15 CAPS located in the Médio Paraopeba region of the State of Minas Gerais. Data collection was conducted through direct observation of CAPS and interviews with pharmacists and managers of PA. The instruments were based on indicators proposed by the WHO, technical documents for the organization of PA, from legislation and recommendations seeking pharmaceutical Best Practices. There were 13 dispensing units, nine of them within the CAPS. The services presented updated lists of essential medicines with high availability of the main drugs used in mental health treatment. All of the cities participated in an inter-municipal consortium for the purchase of medicines. The complete identification of drugs was present in only seven services and all had failings in traceability of medicines dispensed. In the CAPS there is only one pharmacist during part of the operating period. The need for greater participation of the pharmacist was observed in the control and standardization of the activities of CAPS and especially in care activities comprising the benchmark team in Mental Health.

Pharmaceutical services; Mental health; Evaluation of health services

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