Assessment of perceptions of clinical management in courses oriented by competency

Romeu Gomes Roberto de Queiroz Padilha Valéria Vernaschi Lima Cosme Marcelo Furtado Passos da Silva About the authors


The study aims to assess perceptions of mastery of abilities in clinical management in participants of courses oriented by competency and based on active methodologies of teaching and learning, before and after the offered training process. Three conceptual frameworks were utilized: clinical management, expectation of auto-efficacy, and the holistic concept of competency. Methodologically, an electronic instrument was made available to students of the training courses, adapted to the Likert scale, in two stages: before the courses were undertaken and after their completion. The group of subjects that participated simultaneously in both stages was comprised of 825 trainees. Average, mean, standard deviation, and the Wilcoxon test were utilized in the analysis. Generally, in terms of findings, the perception of mastery of abilities in clinical management increased after the courses, proving a positive contribution of the training process of the students. Among other aspects of their results, it is concluded that the educational initiatives studied, oriented by competency and based in active methodologies of teaching and learning, can obtain the increase in perception of their participants regarding the mastery of abilities present in the competency profile, confirming the study's hypothesis.

Key words
Assessment; Perception; Clinical management; Competency

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