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The humanization and the formation of the professional in physiotherapy

Humanizing attention and management in the health area at SUS is presented as a way of qualification on health practices and a challenge to all the people that work in the area. The research intended to verify the conception of the physiotherapy graduating students about the humanization in their formation. The study was conducted in a qualitative, exploratory, descriptive, comparative and analytic approach, and its sample was composed by 24 individuals. The data collected through semi-structured interviews were submitted to content analysis, of the thematic kind, proposed by Bardin. We verified that the conception of the participants when it comes to the conception about the humanization is: restricted, superficial and with a lack of scientific knowledge; don't show a consensus or basis related to the theoretical and even operational aspects about the humanization in physiotherapy; and it's coverage and applicability aren't entirely demarcated, the view is only focused on the relation worker/user. They refer to find difficulties in working as a group and understand its insertion in the attention in health area. The various bodies of SUS might perform a challenge maker role in health practices, and for that, one of the necessities is on the professional formation.

Humanization; Formation; Physiotherapy

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