Counseling in HIV testing in the pre and post labor periods: the look of the integrality

Ana Jaqueline Santiago Carneiro Edméia de Almeida Cardoso Coelho About the authors

The sorology for HIV in woman and rapid HIV testing in maternity hospitals must be carried with pre and pos-test counseling. However, it has been observed that the counseling has not been accomplished by many health professionals, who give more importance to the prophylactic measures which intend to prevent vertical transmission. The objective of this qualitative study is to investigate how women evaluate the health care received during the HIV testing at pre and post-labor periods. For this paper the look of woman about counseling in the process of HIV testing was cut. We used gender and integrality as analytic categories. The technique used to collect data was the semi-structured interview, carried out in women seen at the CTA for diagnostic conclusion. The testing lost its specificity through its inclusion in the clinical practice as a routine without a counseling in any stages of the care during pre and post labor periods. The relationship between users and professionals reflect power mechanisms that compromise the autonomy of women, distancing the care from the perspective of the integrality.

HIV; Vertical transmission; Rapid HIV testing; Counseling; Integrality

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