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Illness and finitude: considerations about the interdisciplinary approach in the oncological Intensive Care Unit

Being afflicted with cancer involves a high degree of invasive and mutilating treatment, which has repercussions on the lives of individuals and harks back to the recollection of pain, limitations and fear of death, which requires the participation of the family or person responsible for the patient during treatment. Attention to the relatives or persons responsible for the patient is a very important evaluation issue of care in health institutions, as an integral aspect of the process of humanization of assistance, that requires the training of professionals to identify and meet their needs. Given the above, this study seeks to address some considerations regarding the interdisciplinary work of assisting the patients´ families in the Adult Intensive Care Unit of Cancer Hospital I, as an efficient proposal with respect to attention to such clinical information requirements, as well as social, medical and/or psychological guidance

Finitude; Interdisciplinarity; Family; Humanization

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