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The rotavirus disease and the oral human rotavirus vaccination in the Brazilian scenario: an integrative literature review

Pétala Tuani Candido de Oliveira Salvador Taciana Jacinto de Almeida Kisna Yasmin Andrade Alves Cilene Nunes Dantas About the authors

Due to the epidemiological relevance of rotavirus disease on the worldwide panorama as an important cause of morbid-mortality in the infantile public and to the still incipient production of studies concerning the problematic in the nationwide scenario, not to mention the unique necessity of encouraging the promotion of care and education as inseparable factors in the health spaces, it was delimited as study object of the present article the rotavirus disease in the Brazilian scenario, emphasizing the vaccination as preventive measure against this ill. Thus it is aimed to analyze the publications about rotavirus disease in our country's contexture, stressing the vaccination against the Rotavirus (VORH) as the strategy mentioned. It is a bibliographic research performed on the BDENF, Lilacs, SciELO and Medline databases, in February 2010. During the study the following thematic pillars were discussed: rotavirus characteristics; the rotavirus disease as a public health issue; and the vaccination against rotavirus as primordial action of health care. The study evidenced the epidemiological importance of rotavirus disease in the worldwide scenario and the relevance of vaccination as preventive measure against such problematics.

Rotavirus; Rotavirus infections; Rotavirus vaccines

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