Education-service integration in the context of Brazilian medical schools: an integrative review

Luís Fernando Boff Zarpelon Maria Leandra Terencio Nildo Alves Batista About the authors


This paper aimed to characterize the historical trajectory, including the advances and challenges, of the teaching-service integration in the medical training process. In this context, through scientific studies indexed in databases, a critical review of the literature was performed from the search for works of reference until the present moment. Most of the works consulted were reference material on the topic published in scientific journals and indexed in the databases of the Virtual Health Library. The search evidenced that the country underwent transformative experiences in the fields of health and education in the 1970’s and, since then, the teaching-service integration has drawn universities and health institutions closer through the reorganization of education and healthcare. Despite the progress achieved mainly in the last decade, there are challenges to overcome in the integration of these different worlds, of one which is the creation and implementation of management tools such as the Organizing Contract for Public Health Education Action (COAPES), capable of withstanding the complexity of this process.

Medical education; Public health policies; Health management

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