Broadening the dialogue between workers and research professionals: some research-intervention methods for the occupational health field

Tatiana Ramminger Milton Raimundo Cidreira de Athayde Jussara Brito About the authors

The paper discusses some methods that emphasize collective and shared analysis of the relationship established "at" and 'with" work, in a synergetic relationship with the experience of the protagonists at work. They can be characterized as research-intervention methods that make important contributions to the field of Occupational Health, some of which are developed within the scope of the Psychology of Work. Methods that use Karl Marx's "worker poll" as their benchmark, highlighting contributions from some of the Work Clinics - taking the existence of theoretical and methodological affinities and differences into consideration - such as the Italian Worker Model of the quest for health, Ergonomics in the Workplace and the Psychodynamics of Work. Subsequently, the Three-Pole Dynamic Device put forward by Ergology is discussed, as well as one of its configurations being developed in Brazil, namely the Extended Research Community.

Occupational health; Mental health and work; Methodology

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