The behaviors carried through for professionals of health in relation the search of sexual partners of patients soropositive for the HIV/aids and its diagnostic serologic

Priscilla Mesquita Luz Karla Correa Lima Miranda Juliana Maria Cavalcante Teixeira About the authors

This article analyzes the performance of the professionals who accompany HIV/aids carrier in the direction to identify which its behavior is face the communication or not of the seropositivity of the patient to its sexual partner in a public service of reference in HIV/aids of the city of Fortaleza, Ceará State. The study is of exploratory character with qualitative boarding. The participants of the study were the health professionals of the institution that was accompanying HIV/aids carrier. The collection of the data was made through a half-structuralized interview. The discussions of the data had been made through the Analysis of Content, being possible to identify that the professionals live deeply personal and institutional difficulties, and that they do not feel supported by the institution in relation to the convocation of partners. In this direction, the creation of a protocol for the convocation of the sexual partners becomes necessary.

Professional; Health; Sexual partners; HIV; Diagnostic

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