Social health organizations: the São Paulo State model

The experience with a new model of public health services management, introduced in the São Paulo State is analyzed in this paper based on the characterization of the specificity of the law that referring to the creation of Social Organizations of Health. It has still as a referential the state management of the Single Health System given by the antecedents and actual situation. The data showed were collected from reports produced by the technical team responsible by the agreement between the Health Secretary of State and the Public Health Faculty -- São Paulo University. The results achieved showed from the fixed aim in the management agreement, by the Secretary, for the first year of activity a satisfactory performance by the Social Organizations of Health. The paper discuss the perspectives of a new model and the actual politics, taking in care the threatens and opportunities. The authors distinguish aspects related to a new regulation linked to process, results and systems since health regional demand.

Organizational models; Health organizations; Autonomy; Decentralization

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