Workers experiences from psychosocial assistance center: study in Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer approach

Maria Lúcia Pinheiro Garcia Maria Salete Bessa Jorge About the authors

This study is the result of a public health mastership dissertation and had the purpose of comprehend the mental health workers experiences from Psychosocial Assistance Center in Regional III Executive Secretary (Caps-SER III) Fortaleza/CE. It's a phenomenological/ hermeneutic approach (interpretative), in the light of the thought of Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer, using the hermeneutic situation to analyze the discourses. Ten phenomenological interviews were carried out with a guide question: "How do you experience the mental health attention in Caps?" Five health workers and five base workers took part in the interviews, respecting the theoretical saturation process. The discourses express the psychiatric circumvision in a continuous process of transformation producing the Caps circumvision. In this process, Caps workers resound distinct feelings with experiences that generate psychic suffering to some workers, and acting on their mental health. With the disclose of their experiences, I hope this study could contribute to enrich the mental health care construction of Caps workers, insert in the psychiatric reform process.

Psychosocial; Mental health; Phenomenology

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