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Private health plans: populational coverage in Brazil

The Beneficiaries' Frame from ANS and the data of the PNAD/IBGE have been used to describe the profile of the private health plans' coverage. Although the regulation functions of ANS, one should not forget that private health insurance access, use and coverage should be monitored continuously, specially the private market of Southeast Region, which concentrate 70% of coverage people in Brazil. Others studies are also necessary for Brazilian capitals, which constitute great urban cities of insurance people. Besides this, more detailed investigation must be developed for age groups with higher utilization of health services: children up to 5 years, women between 15-49 years, and elderly people. The results of this study indicate that private health plans on Brazilian Health System constitute another factor of social inequalities on access and utilization of health services, because they cover only a specific slice of Brazilian population: the ones with higher family income, white people, people with higher education level, workers in some labor market activities, people who live in capital or urban areas.

Private health plans; PNAD/1998; Health services coverage; Demographic conditions

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