Humanization of care in maternity hospitals in Rio de Janeiro from the administrator’s perspective

This research constitutes an exploratory and hermeneutic study of the managers conceptions on the implantation and the identity of the humanization initiatives adopted by the Municipal Health District of Rio de Janeiro. Its methodology rulered in the narratives analysis of the managers and macro-managers conceptions. It had as pile fourteen interviews, come in six managers who coordinate programs and a manager of each one of the eight municipal maternities. They are analyzed and confronted the policy institution trajectories of humanization to the childbirth and of attention to the very low birth weigh infants. The main meanings attributed by the subjects to the humanization initiatives relate to the 1) quality of the interpersonal relationship between professionals and users; 2) patient rights recognition; 3) democratization of power relations between professionals and patients; 4) de-medicalization of the attention to the childbirth; 5) links promotion between family, mother and hospitalized newborn; 6) health professionals valorization. The conclusions discuss the limits, shades and ideological adjustment occurred in the implantation of these policies and in the attributions of meanings to the humanization concept.

Humanization; Childbirth humanization; Very low birth weigh infants; Public health policies; Health rights

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