Association between life events after diagnosis of breast cancer and metastasis

Cláudia de Souza Dourado Camila Brandão de Souza Denise Silveira de Castro Eliana Zandonade Maria Helena Monteiro de Barros Miotto Maria Helena Costa Amorim About the authors


The objective was to examine the association between life events post diagnosis of breast câncer and metastasis. Cross-sectional study with 300 women attending a reference hospital in oncology in the Espírito Santo. Was used the instrument Life Events Units-LEU/VAS to evaluate life events reported by women. Data were analyzed by using the nonparametric Wilcoxon and chi-square tests. It was performed odds ratio calculation for the variables associated with metastasis. It was found that 21% of the sample reported at least one life event post diagnosis. Of the 46 women who developed metastases, 20 reported one or more life events (p = 0.001). The odds ratio calculated shows that having life events post diagnosis increases by 2.59 (1,37 – 4,91; p = 0,003) times the chance of developing metastasis. When considering the time between diagnosis and the onset of metastasis there was a median of 18.0 months. The study shows a relationship between life events and metastasis, however emphasize the importance of a more complex analysis to better understand the impacts of these events on the onset and progression of breast cancer.

Key words
Breast neoplasms; Life change events; Stress; Neoplastic metastasis

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