Aspects related to vaccine management and preservation in healthcare centers in the Northeastern Brazil

This study characterizes the expertise and updated knowledge on immunization of nursing team responsible for vaccine rooms; it describes the work conditions in that sector from the team's view, and identifies the procedures and daily activities performed by such professionals. This cross-sectional study conducted in 2007 in vaccine rooms of 11 Family Healthcare Centers (CSF) in Fortaleza (CE, Brazil), involved 22 nursing team professionals and used a checklist and self-applicable questionnaire as the survey instrument. Among the participants, 44.4% were nurses and 30.8% technicians/assistants have an experience of more than five years; 55.6% of the nurses had attended no training on vaccines; and 76.9% of all other professionals keep themselves updated by referring to books, manuals and the Internet. Gaps in physical structure, examination and record of temperature maps, and guidance on post-vaccine effects were detected in most rooms under study. The study indicates that managing any vaccination work requires knowledge of the area and specific training to allow the professionals to provide a quality service to the population in a way to ensure the eradication and control of immunopreventable diseases.

Immunization; Vaccines; Nursing team; Cold chain

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